Four Tips for Lawn Care in Arkansas From 1st Impressions Lawn & Tree

As an Arkansas resident, you know that the best way to keep your outdoor space looking its best is by taking care of your lawn. However, it’s hard to determine exactly what you should be doing to help your lawn thrive. Fortunately, 1st Impressions Lawn & Tree is here to share four lawn maintenance tips as a locally owned and operated lawn care company. Read on, and contact us for your professional lawn care needs.

lush green grass

Choose the Right Grass

The key to your lawn’s success starts with the type of grass you choose because, depending on where in Arkansas you live, different species fare better than others. For example, in southern regions of the state, Bermuda grass is popular. But in our area of Northwest Arkansas, fescue is often the preferred choice.

person with a handful of soil

Test Your Soil

Not sure if you’re supplying your lawn with the necessary nutrients? By testing your soil, you can collect information about its pH level and nutrient deficiencies, allowing you to choose the best type of fertilizer and determine the best fertilization methods for your soil’s needs.

sprinklers watering green grass

Water Your Lawn Often

If you want a healthy lawn in Arkansas, frequent watering is crucial. The amount of water you need and how frequently you need it depends on the type of grass you have and the time of year. But, in general you should water your lawn daily during the summer months and once or twice a week in the winter months.

mowing long green grass

Mow Properly

Mowing your lawn does more than make it look more attractive; it also keeps your grass healthy and strong. Depending on the type of grass you have, its height should typically be between two and three inches. We recommend mowing in different directions, too, to avoid compaction.

By following these lawn care tips, you’re sure to have the best lawn in your neighborhood. If you need any help along the way, contact 1st Impressions Lawn & Tree in Northwest Arkansas for professional lawn care services today.

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