Four Tips for Weed Control To Get Your Lawn Ready for the Spring Season

Now that the holidays are over, spring will be arriving in Northwest Arkansas before we know it. If you’re eager to jump-start your lawn maintenance, it’s essential to implement a weed control plan first. After all, nothing ruins the look of your lawn more than weeds! Keep reading to learn our best tips for keeping weeds at bay, and contact 1st Impressions Lawn & Tree for professional weed control services.

short grass in landscaped backyard

Keep Your Grass Short

You know that mowing helps keep your lawn healthy and attractive, but did you also know that it helps control weeds? Tall, overgrown lawns are the perfect environment for weeds, but by keeping your grass short, it won’t be as easy for weeds to take over. If the weather permits, mow your lawn at least once a week to keep weeds out.

man spraying grass with herbicide

Use Herbicides

An easy way to eliminate the risk of a weed problem is by using an herbicide. Herbicides target enzymes found in weeds, allowing them to kill existing ones and prevent future regrowth while leaving your grass unharmed. Be careful to avoid overusing an herbicide, though, because you could create an unhealthy environment for your lawn.

woman pulling weeds from grass

Pull Weeds Manually

If your lawn doesn’t have a severe weed problem, you could control it by manually pulling weeds. This is among the most effective methods when done correctly because, by pulling weeds out from their roots, you can prevent them from growing back as easily.

landscaped flowerbed with brown mulch

Put Down Mulch

Mulch can make your lawn look more visually appealing, and it also helps prevent weed growth. It acts as a barrier between your lawn’s soil and weeds, preventing unwanted seeds from taking root. Mulch also promotes moisture retention, allowing for a more healthy landscape. Be sure to evenly spread the mulch throughout your lawn to control weeds across every inch.

With a little effort, you can stop weeds from taking over your lawn. But if you need professional help, turn to the best weed control services in Northwest Arkansas at 1st Impressions Lawn & Tree.

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